Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This is the very first post in what I hope will be a blog. Either that, or I'm accidentally adding this to a wikipedia entry. I'm sure they'll tell me.

I had a really good search for food blogs in New Zealand, and my exhaustive research (I looked for over 3 minutes) didn't put me off. I mean, there are many people out there writing blogs about food and cooking, but none of them seem to be me.

My plan is to write about eating and cooking, and even about ingredients. With any luck, it will be made into a film. I hope to be played by Meryl Streep. (It will be her most challenging role yet.)

So. Welcome to my food blog. I hope you enjoy it; that it doesn't give you indigestion, and that you remember to brush your teeth aftewards.

lots of love,



  1. welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. We can sit and have breakfast together while blogging to the universe!
    love, the wife

  2. Congratulations, Lloyd. Make sure you have lots of fun along the way.
    Lucky you, Laura. Petal doesn't even read my blog. He has no interest in the computer at all. Ho Hum!

    Happy couple blogging...sounds strange!!!

    Sue xx

  3. Welcome to blogging! Looking forward to reading about food, food and more food! It's my favourite pastime, I have the hips to prove it! ;-D

  4. Good on ya for having a crack Lloyd, I look forward to reading along!

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  6. Bloody h*ll.... everyone is in on the this blogging scam! you beat me to it...

    pretty soon i will have to join facebook as well!

    look forward to reading all about it


  7. Wow! My blog is only 4 hours old, and I'm getting comments! Thank you so much everyone! This should be fun!

    Lloyd x

  8. I look forward to reading all about it too, and as you know I also love cooking just hope we get to share the food across the table one day in person (all of us together, Anders, me, Dexter you and of course the lovely Laura)! Not surprised you are getting comments already, you are just a star - perhaps you might even get one in the USA afterall if Meryl does you proud then who knows!

  9. The world can always use another opinionated loudmouth. I was afraid I was the only one. Have fun blogging and cooking!!