Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sushi for lunch

Kerikeri has a new sushi cafe. It did have one before, but, for reasons I can't explain, it always seemed "invisible" to the townsfolk. This new one, "The Sushi Gallery" is much easier to see.

It's a popular place for lunch, especially for a quick self-service takeaway. And whilst it's not the last word in Japanese culinary artistry, the food is very fresh, the selection varied, and the prices very reasonable.

I should mention that I do intend to blog about food I've eaten in and out, and, if I come across experiences that are amazing, or amazingly awful, I'll mention them. But I'm keen not to fall into the trap of becoming a critic. Food is a matter of taste (really?) and taste is a matter of appetite, mood, company, and a whole lot more. It's really sad to see a place that tries really hard being damaged by a scathing review just because that critic was in the wrong mood at the time.

So. Lovely Wife (that's LW to you) tends towards the avocado/surimi/tamago type of sushi (and will pick off the nori seaweed if decorum allows), and in truth, is happier with cooked Japanese food than raw. I'm a fan of the fishy. My favourite is the smoked eel, but any raw fish, when fresh enough, is a delight. The Sushi Gallery caters for all of the above. So we like it. The staff are lovely, helpful and smiley. They even bring us the odd freebie if we look really hungry.

LW's plate (note additional freebie in between plates)

my plate (OK, more fried food than usual, oh, and the Miso soup was very good today, thanks!)

ah, yes. Replete.

For lunch, it's ideal. The whole meal can be eaten really quickly if time dictates, and there's still (in my mind) some kind of vaguely virtuous notion of healthy eating wrapped up in those bejewelled rolls.

Oh, my. It's quarter past four, and we're having Roast Chicken and winter veggies tonight...


  1. Oh, you are so lovely - love the LW shortened abbreviation. We all love Japanese food, including Dexter. We have trained him well, we have taken him to restaurants since he was born (including Michelin ones), and therefore he is just fantastic. For my birthday, we took him to one in Edinburgh (much to the shock of the other diners and we heard them commenting on how amazing he was). He doesn't make a fuss over food, and is really interested in it. This is such fun, sharing food stuff. LOL to both you and LL (Lovely Laura (she aint my wife so cant say LW) and as you both have the same first initials you might have to be DRL (goodness, that could mean many things!)xxx)

  2. I remember having lunch at The Groucho once with you, Andrew and Dexter ( who was about 2 at the time. He was so well behaved. I remember he had what was for him a huge tantrum. The huge tantrum was he sat on the floor in silence! What a star! Still, with such lovely parents it's not surprising. xxxxx