Tuesday, May 18, 2010

chicken livers. creamy sauce. crusty bread. Done!

It's raining, the grass has all gone green again, and the garden is thriving. For the first time this year, we've lit the woodburner, and the range, the radiators and the hot water tank are all ticking and clicking from unexpected warmth.

The menu for tonight? Chicken livers fried with onion, port and cream, served with crusty bread and some fresh rocket - my idea of a hearty, quick, autumnal feast. It's a real shame that the chicken livers aren't free range, I try and insist on it for chicken meat, but there doesn't seem to be a supplier of free range livers up north. Maybe I'm mistaken; and if I am, I'd love to know a supplier of the good stuff,  because that whole battery/intensive chicken industry is plain wrong. And I don't want to support it. But I want my lovely, rich, tasty dinner!

So. Controversy and hypocrisy from the first morsel. Excellent!

Here's a pic:


  1. Sounds my kind of meal -- he'll have to cook that for me when I come over!
    mum steele

  2. ha ha ha we are soooo gonna enjoy your blog
    try here for organic freerange chook livers & i believe they deliver

  3. Delicious, haven't had chicken livers for years. Agree about chicken in all its guises, cheap is NOT good!

  4. that's what's brilliant about the internet! I will try the naturally organic shop and report back! Ta Bella!

  5. just found these guys surely you could get fresh livers from them??
    Andy Auchinvole
    340 Hariru Rd, RD2, Kaikohe

    maybe worth a try...