Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pork fillet, coriander, cider, creme fraiche...

The rain finally arrived, and almost all at once. The grass is growing fast, the ducks are quacking loudly and now the sun's come out again, it feels like spring!

In fact, the Metservice had suggested we would get a very wet Monday, but by the evening it was calming down. That didn't stop me planning another comfort food favourite: Eye fillet of pork.

Usually I'd sear then roast the pork whole with Chinese spices, and then slice it to serve, probably with rice. But I'd vaguely remembered a Greek recipe called "Afelia" in which cubes of pork are cooked with coriander, lemon juice, cider and oil. Rather than head for the recipe books, I improvised. (I rarely follow recipes). So it wasn't true to the Greek original.

I sweated onion & garlic in olive oil, added about 2tsp of crushed coriander seeds, and softened the whole lot before removing them from the pan. I then hot-fried the cubed pork fillet and deglazed with cider. I then added the onions etc and cooked & reduced the panful until sticky, before adding creme fraiche and apple slices, and cooked until the apple was soft.

Served with broccoli and mash. Aaah!

Now we're in the comfort zone.


  1. And it was truly lovely, too!
    What's for dinner tonight, Dear?

  2. Why, thank you darling! For dinner, I will be mostly making pasta with a passata and creme fraiche sauce! I may even put some rocket in it. xx

  3. Ah hem! You two could probably talk 'across' the room! lol