Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pizza night!

I hate pizza. Actually, I thoroughly dislike the soggy, thick dough-ed, over-dressed stuff that passes for takeaway pizza. But every so often we make some dough (breadmaker!) and construct our own. It's always Margherita; and we keep it as simple as possible: Olive oil, passata, tomato (fresh or sun dried) mozzarella and basil.
We have some of the last ripe tomatoes of the season, so they had to go in:

The dough has to be rolled as thinly as possible, the oven has to be as hot as possible, and the stone on which the dough sits goes into the oven for ages 1st.

It was just slightly overdone; amazing just how quickly they cook! But it was delicious nonetheless. We plan to build a pizza oven this spring, so that we can cook them outside in intense heat, but doing them this way- I love pizza!