Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Curried Egg & Mash

It's nostalgia food time!

LW has always had a love for a dish she ate as a child: Hard-boiled eggs, curry sauce and mashed potato. It sounds like an odd combo, but it's good comfort food and quick and easy.

For LW, it's vital that the curry sauce is as simple and "traditional" as possible. Traditional in this case means a roue, curry powder and milk.

LW's choice

For me, this just won't do. What I need is to experiment. So in my sauce, we have onion, garlic, finely sliced chilli, garam masala, fenugreek, anchovy sauce, tamarind, turmeric, paprika, and curry paste. And a large dollop of yoghurt.

my choice

And then there's the mash. LW insists her's be made with potato, butter, a little cream and milk. By some weird co-incidence, so do I. It's like we are made for each other.



  1. Not the dish I remember eating as a child, and yes, does sound a strange combo. I like the sound of your curry sauce, but not sure about with the potato and really really not sure about it with the egg (but then I don't care for devilled eggs either, just realised there is a food that I am not so keen on and didn't think I had one, there you go!) - you of course do the weegie thing and have it with chips (curry sauce an' chups) actually rather liked that combo but from the Chinese restaurant which I had as a late teenager so many moons ago!

  2. Just read this to Anders and he says Very Umamii - and he like the sound of it "he would eat that". We both eat boiled eggs every day, and we both like mash and a good curry sauce. We both like the sound of your curry sauce particularly, but we are sure that lovely Laura's is very tasty too.

    Andrew would like me to try to make it at some point, so I will, and I too will sample it, despite the fact that I wrote I wouldn't earlier. Anders has suggested putting a bit of lime rind and a wee bit of the juice to the curry sauce, and he is getting even more excited!!! What do you think lovely Lloyd. Oh I wish I were there to give you both such a big hug

  3. I wish you were here too!
    come and see us...sometime...xxxxx