Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Soup and Sandwiches II

Hello. It's the morning after the soup before, and I'm not nearly as flatulent as I anticipated, the soup being Brussels Sprout. In fact, with a little tinkering, this soup could be very high on the list of favourites. The accompanying sandwiches weren't really sarnies at all, but the classic crusty bread rolls served with chicken liver sauteed with onion, sherry and cream. But, ahh, the soup!

So. Blanch sprouts, fry bacon and onion till soft, add garlic and softened, halved sprouts, fry some more, and then add it all to some heated stock. Chicken in this instance.

Then puree the whole thing until you have a smooth pale green soup to which you may add cream for extra velevetiness, and serve hot with a dollop of creme fraiche and some parsley. 

I suspect that even the most hardened sproutophobe would consider eating this, but I would, next time, add less bacon, more sprouts, and perhaps some white wine to deglaze the frying pan. 

The chicken liver "sandwiches" were a good complement, although there was some confusion over the status of the sauce with the livers, as it could so easily be confused for soup...

it looks just like an illustration from a book by Marguerite Patten! (god bless her)

The meal was sent on its way with a lovely Vouvray we tasted in Auckland, and liked so much that we bought a case from our friendly, local wine merchant. It's a Marc Bredif 2007 and it makes everything except a big red taste tiny afterwards. Quite superb! Then we had a big red afterwards: A Wolf Blass Cabernet Merlot from 2008. And so to bed. 


  1. please make chicken livers again soon...i love them so!

  2. Looks very nice indeed! :D It only takes about 30 mins for sprouts to have an effect, best not to be in the same room after that time!

  3. Oh, I too like chicken livers, and your soup sounds very yummy. Likey a lot!

  4. I had chicken livers over the weekend too, seared, with toasted hazelnuts and beetroot.

    Your blog is a readable feast. Have a great day, Lloyd & Lloyd's LW :-)