Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lamb and Potatoes. And Beans. And Broccoli.

I though we'd have a variation on the sunday roast, so I'm trying an eye fillet of lamb today. And since I'm doing it "differently" I thought we'd have dauphinoise potatoes with it, and some broad beans from the garden (they've just come ripe for a lovely winter crop). Here's how it went:

The lamb fillets were scored lightly and marinaded in: soy, pomegranate syrup, oyster sauce, anchovy paste, grainy mustard and balsamic vinegar for about an hour.

Meanwhile the potatoes were prepared in the usual way; thinly sliced, layered, and covered in hot milk, cream, garlic and bayleaf. I covered them in grated Gruyere, and they were then baked for about an hour at 200 deg. I filled the baking dish right to the brim, and they overflowed, creating a lovely, bubbling, burnt cheesy cover to the base of the oven. Oh joy.

The lamb got a browning in a frying pan, and then a quick roast at 200 deg back in the marinade (10 minutes would have fine; I gave them 15 and lost the lovely pinkness I'd been aiming for).

The broccoli was simply steamed until bright green, and the beans were blanched for a minute in boiling water, then poached for 5 mim in butter, salt & pepper. They were actually the star of this dish, and we could eat them just on their own. Fresh from the garden only minutes before they were cooked, they were superb!

and now... I'm going to clean the oven!


  1. lovely as ever, but I must agree, the beans were amazing!
    Now clean that oven!

  2. Mmmmm, this looks meltingly delicious.....