Monday, August 9, 2010


We now have eggs in abundance!
Some eggs. In abundance.

some more eggs.

At least 6 per day, and some of the youngest chooks are showing all the signs of being ready to lay too. In fact, we have so many eggs, that LW has plans to sell them from the farm gate. Here's proof!
LW's Lovely sign, to go at the end of the drive

We don't make mayonnaise nearly often enough. I still am in the habit of buying my favourite brand (It was Hellman's in the UK, here, it's called Best Foods'). So, to get out of the habit, we made some today to remind us what a superior version the home-made one is.

3 Egg yolks, a tsp of Dijon mustard and a pinch of salt, whisked up until thick, and then the oil (90% Rice bran oil, 10% extra virgin olive) dripped slowly into the whisking mixture with the occasional tsp of lemon juice every so often, to add sharpness and to thin the rapidly thickening emulsion.


It's ready!

It's ready when you say it is. It can be thinned with warm water, and more salt and lemon juice added to taste.

No, I won't buy the manufactured version again.


  1. what a difference a yolk makes - we make mayo & a garlic aioli pretty much exact recipe actually but ours is never this rich in colour just goes to show even a good free range egg is nothing compared to the real thing lets hope the feathered friend are laying up a storm over xmas he he

  2. Perhaps you can sell your mayo too! ;-)

  3. Hi Mel! Sadly that's not possible. We'd need our kitchen certified for catering, and that takes money/ages. But I might give it away!

  4. I make my own mayo (mainly because we don't use it that often and I can't stand jarred versions) and love it but have been freaked about how to keep it, for how long etc because it's using raw eggs so end up throwing so much away :(