Sunday, July 18, 2010

frittata, meet tortilla.

Eggs are back in season! The chooks are laying again, not without some hesitancy, but we are accumulating them more quickly than we're using them.

Usually, this heralds the first tortilla espagnol of the season; LW's best friend in Glasgow is a lovely Spanish lady who knows the recipe for the authentic tortilla, passed it on to me via LW and then I corrupted it somewhat. I think it's something to do with a problem with authority. I'll think about it later.

However, I wanted to see how things went if I extended the ingredients...

So Here's what I did:

I pan fried onion & garlic to soften but not brown them, added thinly sliced potato (so far exactly like a tortilla). Then I blanched brussels sprouts, broccoli florets and thin slices of carrot, and added them to the frying pan, added an unseemly amount of butter, and softened everything adding some seasoning in the form of salt, pepper and a little cayenne and cumin (don't tell LW- she doesn't like cumin). I also added a handful of crushed, toasted cashews

In a bowl I cracked 10 eggs, and added some cream and a heap of finely grated parmesan, whisked it all up and poured it into the veggies in the frying pan. Cooked slowly in the pan until the sides had set, I then put the pan in a hot oven to let the mixture bubble and brown.

I made the mistake of using the wood-burning range to keep the whole thing warm; it was warmer than I anticipated and I nearly burnt the damn thing. It looks burnt, but it tasted fine!

This was actually rather tasty, and great with a little chilli sauce. Or cold the next day. Or the day after:

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