Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Noodles! (Wuhan hot-and-dry noodles, to be precise)

One of the many highlights of a trip to Auckland is the chance to visit a good, big Asian supermarket or 2. I love to find and experiment with ingredients, sauces and packets of things I don't recognise, and I love the almost infinite variety of packet noodle products.

Often, I'll basardise a recipe with additions of my own, but, in this case I'm following the instructions, detailed as they are, and seeing how it comes out. I have a second packet of the same noodles I can play with later if needed!

I like the detailed description of the product, and the packaging:

And the verdict?
surprisingly tasty: the packets are quite complex mixtures, the main ones being a sort of tahini-style spiced sesame paste, and a chilli paste with spices and oil. There's also a packet of light soy and one of pickled radish. I'd definitely have it again.

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