Monday, December 13, 2010

Fat Pig Wine Festival

Yesterday was the 3rd "Fat Pig" wine festival, and they couldn't have chosen a better day for it. The fat Pig winery is a very small (2 acres) winery and hosts this event so that other small winemakers may showcase their product. There were 5 or 6 winemakers represented, 3 food stalls and a lot of people. For additional entertainment there was a really good band playing everyone's favourite cover versions of classic rock tunes. So. Wine, sunshine, good food, dancing, 500 drunk people. What could be finer?

The event started at 11.30 and ended, all too soon, at 5.30pm. And despite the intense heat, everyone looked like they were having a brilliant time.

We went with a 4 friends, one of whom has a big 6-seater truck, and LW, gracious, and teetotal, as ever, agreed to drive. We found a big table to sit around, and calculated that, by the time we really needed it we'd be in the shade of the avocado tree behind us. And so it was! The food went down well (Thai fishcakes, Chicken satay, a big cheeseboard and some couscous salad) and the drink even better; The wineries involved in the day were:

Fat Pig winery: they grow Shiraz and make a really good rose.
Marsden Estate: A bigger winery with some prize-winning lines. We especially liked the Pinot Gris.
Morepork Winery: Just across the road from the Fat Pig. Makes a pinot gris
Bent Duck: Makes a very passable chardonnay!
Chinook estate: Pinot gris (I didn't like this as much)
Ake Ake: Makes a range of wines, with a particularly good Chambourcin being my favourite!

We got home all (except for particularly LW) slightly the worse for wear, and then we...

Feasted! On very slow-cooked (7 hours or more at 100 degC!) pork belly and crushed new potatoes, tomato & feta salad and then Tiramisu! Oh, and a little more wine.

Roll on next year...

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  1. i totally agree, it was a flipping smashing day! can't wait for the next one!