Wednesday, October 20, 2010

chinese soup & sandwiches

'Twas the last Soup and sandwiches of the season. Usually we 4 stop the S&S tradition once daylight saving kicks in, but I had one more meal up my sleeve, and unleashed it last night.

Chicken and sweetcorn soup: one of the simplest of all soups, and anyone who enjoyed meals from Chinese restaurants in the UK (and probably elsewhere) from childhood will be familiar with this soup. Here's what I did:
Poach a chicken breast in a litre (or, if you are in the USA, a fifth of a gallon) of chicken stock until cooked through. Take out the chicken and add a tsp (or 1 seventeeth of a cup) of sesame oil, a couple of tsps (yes, yes) of light soy, grate a chunk of ginger and add it, and also a couple of sprigs of spring onion. Simmer and add a can of creamed sweetcorn. Mix up 2 tsps of cornflour and some of the stock to make a paste and add it back to the stock to thicken slightly, and beat 2 eggs and drizzle them into the stirred stock to make fine ribbons of egg. Shred (not chop) the chicken and put it back in the hot stock and serve. This will bring back memories even better than rosemary.
a bowl of soup (reuters library footage)

The main course (the "sandwich") was crispy chinese spiced duck as seen here about which no more needs to be said except that we had 2 ducks for 4 people, and really ate too much. 1.5 ducks would be enough. But that would be unfair to the ducks.
that's not our duck. But it looks similar. Stolen image. Thanks, internet.


  1. Invite me to dinner, Lauras Husband, invite me to dinner! I'm orf to catch a duck....where's me net?

  2. heehee!! Sue, you would love it, it's just like the restaurants make. We ate 3 ducks for 4 of us! We were so stuffed.

  3. Yummy and I could do with some chicken soup as I feel my nose is starting to run with having come from nice warm weather in Barcelona to the cold of Scotland, and believe me it is cold today!