Sunday, October 10, 2010

cheesy goodness!

Here's a very quick post for a quick feast:

Take a good soft cheese, such as camembert (but ideally one of the alpine cheeses that come in a wooden box), and unwrap it, and then re-wrap it in foil with a bit of a high lip around it. Make a few holes in the top and poke in shards of garlic. Pour some red wine on top to let it soak through the holes.

Then bake the whole thing at 180 deg C for about 25 min, checking regularly to ensure that the molten cheese is not collapsing and creating another oven cleaning disaster tomorrow.
Camembert on the left, blue on the right

Serve with crusty bread that is dipped through the rind into the cheese in a confident, but not aggressive fashion.

Enjoy! We did; and experimented with a Mainland reserve double creamy Camembert and a creamy blue (that was less of a success because the taste was just too concentrated by the baking.) The Camembert was superb and we will do this again!


  1. Great post- I love baked Camembert but have never tried it baked with red wine - my little girl loves it too, she was scoffing it before she was one and she's still mad for it!

  2. A friend served something very similar at a recent book club night - FANTASTIC!!!