Sunday, November 21, 2010

Biryani too. The sequel.


I didn't win. The standard of curries was, as anticipated, very high, and Bart made the most well-balanced and delicious chicken Thai Green Curry. I know that it's an old favourite, and a curry I have eaten often, but, truthfully, it was the most fragrant, excellent version of this dish I've ever eaten. It's not pictured here, but it is in the white ceramic pot. Lurking. Smug. About to win.

The other curries were also amazing and diverse. We had a Malaysian pineapple curry, beautiful, sweet and almost a dessert,
a Chicken curry with cashew nuts and blackened spices that was very lovely and very different from the heavyweights of Indian cuisine,
and a spinach and paneer curry that was just lovely.
And, just to prove that it wasn't just a competition, we had rice, poppadoms, an amazing aubergine raita and a banana and coconut salad.

And plenty of wine and chat!

What a good night.

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  1. well the Thai green curry was spectacular and a real favourite of mine - but you were a well deserved second place! I'll blow your trumpet for you!